AMSOIL CK-4 diesel oils!

Amsoil diesel oils are changing in 2017 and AMSOIL synthetic diesel oil’s 5w-30, 0w-40, 5w-40, 15w-40 that exceed API CK-4 and API FA-4 specs have been developed and extensively tested under extreme conditions. With the API introducing two new diesel oil specifications API CK-4 and API FA-4 oil needed to be changed. These 5w-30 0w-40 5w-40 15w-40 CK-4 oil’s will be replacing the CJ-4 specification and this has led to some confusion. In most cases, you will require an oil that meets the new API CK-4 specification. CK-4 is backward compatible with the previous diesel specifications. That means if you are using an oil recommended for API CJ-4, you can simply transition to the corresponding upgraded AMSOIL synthetic diesel oil, which will be available Feb 6 2017.

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  1. New AMSOIL Signature Series Max-Duty Synthetic Diesel Amsoil Max duty synthetic diesel oils CK-4 Oil replaces AMSOIL Premium Synthetic Diesel Oil 5w-40 and 15w-40 [DEO,DME]. And the new AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil replaces AMSOIL OE Synthetic Diesel Oil 10w-30 and 15w-40 [OED,OEC] with the addition of a 5w-40 weight.

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